Building Intelligence Inc. is a technology provider to the security industry. Our primary solution is SV3, a complete cloud-based security solution for managing access and identities of visitors, vehicles and vendors.

Every solution is customized to fit the needs of the buildings, the tenants and the security companies that service the facility. All of our systems provide streamlined operations, logistics and analysis and comprehensive security protocols that protect an organization’s people, property, and assets.

  • We support our dealers, distributors and clients.
  • We continue to build incredible award-winning software that is elegant, efficient and secure.
  • We provide solutions to some of the most iconic buildings, and amazing clients in the world.
  • Our trusted access programs serves to support a best practice amongst both the public and private communities we service.

In addition to reducing the operational costs and increasing profitability in buildings, we provide tenants and vendors with an engaging application that includes specific building information, an interactive building-wide message board, and the opportunity to network with in-building tenants.

For large government agencies and corporate-wide deployments, the products may be delivered as a network appliance. Guards, tenants, engineers, administrators, security directors and facility managers access the solutions on handhelds, tablets, workstations and servers. Each user is given specific rights to access and manage application on a single platform.

Building Intelligence Inc. provides trusted applications for managing the security and operations of any type of facility. Secure Vendor will become the premier aggregator of visitor, vehicle and vendor information. We deliver easy-to-use software applications that improve operations, manages risk and established a demonstrable return on investment. We address the risks surrounding the daily business transactions that require unknown people and vehicles to gain access to secured areas.

The Building Intelligence solutions, working together, are a tremendous step in preventing terrorist acts, thwarting would-be criminals and ensuring that all vendors are properly vetted before accessing any facility. Through secure visitor kiosks, door access control systems, and other solutions, Building Intelligence is a great opportunity as a business and a tremendous step forward in our ability to further the efforts of homeland security and reduce risks.