Building Intelligence provides a unique, customized solution to meet your facility’s security needs. With SV3, you can streamline and enhance security operations, resulting in unprecedented cost savings and mitigation of future risk.

Our company offers insight into the physical access and whereabouts of vehicles, visitors, and vendors. The award-winning SV3 ensures safety and security in the most innovative of ways. When SV3 was originally built, its primary goal was to reduce costs by automating workflow and enabling security personnel to perform more advanced, logistical operations. Through automation and centralized process, staff reductions saved our clients millions.

While saving money in operations, our process eventually received SafetyAct Certification from the Department of Homeland Security.  This has a direct impact on potential liability and covers a terrorist act.  SV3 is recognized by insurance underwriters as “best practice,” leading to decreased premiums.

Using SV3 daily, there is never a question of who damaged the loading dock, which visitor entered the building, or which contractor was negligent. by simply looking at the record, you know and can prove who to seek recovery from.  Couple this with SV3’s feature of certificate of insurance management, every vendor can be accounted for and approved to support a risk strategy of complete indemnification.

Savings with SV3

When you invest in SV3, your facility is likely to require fewer security and operational personnel.  There are more than just direct savings, however. Your facility will also take advantage of indirect savings such as assured recovery of third party liability, a decrease in insurance premiums, and of course, the removal of the liability of Terrorist Act.

Our operational cost recovery includes the following:

  • Vendor program supporting administration costs
  • Overages and overtime billed back to tenants and stores
  • Allocation of costs to departments to account for operational usage of facility

    • Generate billable resource usage to tenants (stores and lessors)
    • Generate billable resource usage to vendors and suppliers

Efficiency of SV3

With our visitor management solutions, we can help redistribute the workforce. For example, the costs of a $25/hour security guard add up in a hurry. Instead, an SV3 Kiosk offers a complete self-registration service for visitors or can be provided as a mobile solution for security personnel to manage visitors upon arrival.

Imagine, as well, if you could expedite your visitor management with SV3 Vehicle & Vendor. With driver’s license scanner capabilities, you can safely and securely handle visitors. Plus, you can save more than three hours per day on personnel costs when doing so.

Other Savings

Keep in mind that installed software requires system purchase, maintenance, installation, and upgrade support on the part of IT professionals. However, BI requires no major upfront cost, maintenance, installation, and upgrade support. BI is a completely outsourced solution with all upgrades. SV3 can also lead to administrative savings in consolidating access privileges and management of risk.  

Invest in Safety with SV3

There’s no doubt, creating a friendly, efficient, and secure environment can be challenging. It’s why so many industry experts recommend our solutions that serve some of the most iconic and challenging environments.

Make an investment in SV3 and find out how security can facility operations.  Call us today for more information.