1. Visitor Management in Times of Change

    As our tenants, customers, and visitors adapt to a changing environment, we have to be quick to provide solutions that meet their needs. With a visitor management system that is modular and versatile, there is little to no interruption to a business, just adaptation. Here are some of the key feature…Read More

  2. Visitor Management Flexibility

    In a world where everything is at your fingertips or a click away, needs and demands constantly fluctuate. In this day and age, modular visitor management is essential. Can your system adapt to an ever-changing environment? SV3 evolves with each request. Take a look at some of our favorite features …Read More

  3. Lobby Security with SV3®

    Visitor expectations are changing and visitor management now goes well beyond just keeping everyone in a building safe, it's also about giving visitors a memorable experience while increasing ease of use for employees and tenants.  Below we'll discuss key aspects of visitor management and how SV3 k…Read More

  4. 3 Things You Should Know About SV3®

    SV3® — like much of what the market looks for in software — is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, there are many benefits and aspects of SV3 that make it perfect for customization and application to your specific software needs. How can you make SV3® your own and what are the key benef…Read More

  5. Our NYC Office Has Moved!

    We are happy to announce our NYC team has moved to a new office location in Midtown Manhattan. Although our HQ remains in White Plains, New York (keep that address on file if you have it!), our team is happy to transition to a bigger space. There are various motivations and reasons that led to our m…Read More

  6. Multi-site Visitor Management with SV3

    In the past, deploying a security system within multiple sites meant each server had to be physically installed in every place that intended to use it. That can change now. With the right cloud-based software behind a seamless visitor management system, multi-site deployment should be easy. Efficien…Read More

  7. Reducing Risk at the Loading Dock with SV3

    Last year alone, the FBI reported nearly $12 million in cargo theft loss. With only $2 million being recovered. Of these astounding numbers, it is said a total of $35 billion is more realistic given, as so many cargo hijackings go unreported to the police (Hayes and Rogers 2007). As threats continue…Read More

  8. 7 Common Visitor Management Mistakes

    Think about your last visitor experience. Was it easy and streamlined or was it congested and disorganized? As technology evolves, visitors are expecting a more efficient check-in process. Here are the most common visitor management mistakes we see. 1. Utilizing Paper Logs or Forms Scribbling your s…Read More

  9. Benefits of Access Control Integration

    Visitor management systems encompass more than keeping a log of who is on site. To be truly effective, they should leverage your existing access control investments and be fully integrated. Benefits of Access Control Integration: Grant visitors access to turnstiles, doors, and elevators. Integration…Read More

  10. Vehicle and Vendor Management Best Practices

    Loading docks are notoriously difficult to manage. They are resource-intensive and without the proper security systems in place they can put your entire facility at risk. Here are some of the best practices we’ve seen for vehicle and vendor management. 1. Vet your vendors and pre-schedule deliveri…Read More