1. Event Security Includes Managing Deliveries and Vendors

    At most events, the risk begins to be accumulated prior to the event taking place. Who is going to be on site creating the sets? Who is delivering the food? Who will be there to entertain? Who will be doing pre-show cleanup? With each event the security practitioner must begin a vetting process, a s…Read More

  2. Does the Shoe Fit? What to Look for in a Product

    How having a goal in mind when looking for solutions can help you find the right products and services for your business Do you buy new products to check a box or solve a specific problem? Whether you’re shopping for a new pair of shoes or a new security system, you should a know what issue you ne…Read More

  3. Orchestrate the Loading Dock. It’s a Digital Score.

    I saw this picture and thought "it’s about time!" Orchestras have switched over to tablets. For years, loading dock operations has been handled by security personnel or logistics professionals on paper.  By using mobile and cloud-based technology, logistics teams, security personnel, and facility…Read More

  4. Are You Demonstrating Security’s ROI?

    Why is it that logistics and operations solutions get priority funding over security at most organizations? The decision to implement or upgrade a physical security system is usually driven by budget and most often a reaction to an exposed vulnerability. However, the decision to implement or upgrade…Read More

  5. Is Your Visitor Management System Hitting The Basics?

    The world of visitor management is changing and existing technologies and procedures are falling behind the times. A VMS is no longer just for scheduling a guest and checking an ID when they are on-site.  It's role has grown to cover contractors with access levels, temporary employee access, forgot…Read More

  6. SafetyAct or Not to SafetyAct? That is Not a Question

    Security practitioners, wherever possible, should insist on SafetyAct Designated/Certified products. When the answer to a question is obvious, it’s called rhetorical; but this industry may not be seeing it that way. Picture me stamping my feet and yelling from the proverbial soapbox… "The Scienc…Read More

  7. Is That a QR Code on Your Phone?

      Creating a great experience for visitors is also about creating a great experience for security officers. No reason for fumbling through grabbing a visitor’s ID, waiting for a scan or even a look up. With a quick scan of a bar code, the security officer can acknowledge the visitor has arr…Read More

  8. Empowering License Plate Recognition to Reaction…SV3®

    Get more time to respond and protect assets. Find ways to be smarter to adapt quicker to situations. Knowing sooner, adapting earlier and generating swift reaction.  With SV3® connected to a license plate reader, a security officer can know within seconds whether the vehicle is trusted, the dri…Read More