For Authorized Partners Only

Deal registration is a program that Building Intelligence Inc. offers to our Authorized Partner that rewards them for bringing new business opportunities to Building Intelligence’s  attention.   To find out how to become and authorized partner please go to:  Partner Page

Benefits of Deal Registration** with BI

  • A dedicated sales representative to guide you through the process
  • Protection for business opportunities that you discover
  • Higher margins for a stronger competitive position.
  • Secure special pricing for large or competitive deals
  • Receive access to demonstration and pilot testing resources


  • Minimum purchase order to qualify is $5,000 (List Price) and is valid on BI software purchases only.
  • Third-party products, Professional Services, Support Services, and/or Maintenance Contracts do not qualify.
  • Registration of a qualified new deal is completed in full by submitting a completed online registration form here.
  • It is assumed that before registering a deal, the AP has made significant pre-sales efforts related to the deal, such as meeting with the decision-makers, qualifying the opportunity, helping the end-user to quantify the project budget with BI products or services, and helping the end-user to define the project requirements to include BI products or services.
  • Each deal must represent a single opportunity with a single end-user.
  • Authorized Partner may not combine opportunities or end-user accounts for any purpose
  • Registrations will be validated within 48 hours of submission. A decision on the new deal registration will be communicated back to the channel AP by an BI representative
  • Accepted registrations are valid for four (4) months and may be renewed/re-registered with the re-qualification and re-approval of BI.