A Comprehensive Solution for Securing Vehicles, Vendors, and Visitors

SV3® protects buildings from the “unknown” by providing a complete enterprise application for ensuring that the people and companies that are arriving at your facility are properly credentialed and are invited.


SV3Cloud Services are available worldwide and the team at Building Intelligence provides all necessary support and service via the Internet.  This results in a decreased total cost of ownership.

All of your data is secured in a compliant data center in a private database based on your needs.

This is a great solution for providing services across various locations and provides tremendous value without any loss of performance or security.


Provisioned as a Network Appliance, SV3Enterprise allows companies and organizations to maintain their data within their data center, provision services on a local network, replicate multiple machines and integrate with a host of local systems.

The team at Building Intelligence stands behind each deployment and provides offsite and onsite service support at each install.  Clients are capable of customizing the solution to their requirements and integrating privately will both internal and external systems.

Our experience in logistics management along with innovative technology and processes creates a reliable, sophisticated interface and database to manage mission-critical facility operations and establish new levels of lobby security.

The most likely threat to any facility comes from the unknown. Using our methodology of Building Intelligence, our system and program give those people responsible for protecting people and property the necessary tools and information to achieve their goals.

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