Our team takes an aggressive approach to managing threats to your business. As we always tell current clients and prospective clients, it’s not a question of “will there be an incident,” but rather “when will there be an incident.” With that said, it’s imperative to have measures in place to not only secure your facility, but most importantly, ensure the safety of your people. Building Intelligence Inc. has a number of solutions, to effectively close the gaps in your security.
Thanks to SV3®, you can equip your facility with the most effective cloud-based visitor management system. This unique solution can be deployed in a number of central points throughout your campus, from lobbies to service entrances. With SV3®, there’s no more questioning your building’s security. The software’s verification system keeps the wrong people out while enabling the right people to enter without an issue.
With all that in mind, partnering with Building Intelligence becomes a no-brainer. More and more growing businesses often put facility security on the backburner, leaving the door open for would-be criminals and attacks. Why put your people at risk? Invest in safety with Building Intelligence and SV3®.