Mobile, Integrated, Enterprise

Our Mobile Apps provide guards with the information to determine authorization. Our integrations support devices that capture and verify information. Our software-as-a-service supports a risk-based approach to specific threats and supports the operations of facilities globally. Organizations maintain federated watch lists, process requirements, and report on all activity. 

Every facility operator establishes specific requirements to address insurance, procedures, resources, physical access and logical access. Cybercrime, terrorism, insurance rates are all on the rise. Building Intelligence provides the means of discovering, controlling, and mitigating risk through high-quality visitor management.  


The need to manage Visitors, Vehicles and Vendors, as they gain access to or near facilities creates a critical area of risk which is often ignored due to lack of standards, technology, and government mandates. When brought to light, the need is rarely protested; but without tools, security professionals leave this risk largely ignored. No doubt, there are inherent challenges in creating a friendly, efficient and secure environment. Building Intelligence, with its disruptive technologies, deploys the tools to manage the three “V”s (Visitors, Vehicles and Vendors). And, Building Intelligence gets it done while improving process efficiency and ensuring accountability, resulting in a risk adverse environment.

From card access systems to enhanced lobby security, Building Intelligence goes above and beyond.