Building Intelligence and SV3® Integrates With New or Existing Technologies

  • Webcams, scanners & drivers license readers (DLRs)
  • License plate readers (LPRs)
  • Physical access control systems, such as badge readers (PACS)
  • Underground vehicle inspection systems (UVIS)
  • Network & badge printers

PACs Certified Connections include

  • SoftwareHouse CCURE
  • AMAG Symmetry
  • Lenel OnGuard
  • Genetec Security Center

SV3® Cyber Secure

Our expansion of mobile services  have changed the face, design and management of information technology and communications in the security industry. The acceptance of our mobile platforms in the workplace has been faster than our client’s security tools and policy have been able to keep up. That is why we are offering mobile security software and services with each deployment.  Our SV3® Cyber Secure service protects your data in-motion and at-rest, detects malicious activity while it’s happening and automatically isolates mobile devices before they compromise your most valuable business assets.