Mobile applications for vehicle access control and visitor management are available on iOS, Android and Microsoft tablets. Security officer and concierge may view and verify visitor, passenger, vehicle, permit access, manage loading dock and schedule. The application is configurable based on operational requirements and may include:

  • Reading driver’s license and checking veracity
  • Signature capture via cloud based visitor management system
  • License plate capture
  • Authorization and schedule
  • Photo & inspections
  • Connect through regular telecom service or private network

Employees are automatically notified of their visitor’s arrival via email and/or sms (text).

Employees can also have their visitor arrival notifications cc’d to their personal assistant, team support person, or any other nominated recipient. Visitor arrival notifications can include:

  • Name of visitor
  • Where they are from
  • Who the host is
  • Which access control point they signed into
  • Picture of Guest
  • QR Code Sent to Visitor for check in

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