Making a great first impression and maintaining security information regarding visitors who may or may not enter the property has become a critical part of security operations in today’s corporate environment. Having an electronic system (SV3) in place can ensure a significantly higher level of security and accountability while providing efficient entry management of visitors on a daily basis.

Features Include:

  • Make visitors feel safe
  • Store visitor records
  • Customize badge printing
  • Replace paper logbooks
  • Integrate to turnstiles and access control
  • Notifications upon visitors arrival
  • Single sign-On w/ ADFS, OAUTH2, SAML

SV3  helps organizations manage people signing into and out of offices, schools, manufacturing plants, construction sites, and other workplaces and locations in a way that is simple, smart, and secure. If you need to know who’s authorized to be on-site, who’s due on-site, who’s on-site now, and who was on-site – you need SV3

SV3 is easy to use, and can be set-up in any location, anywhere in the world in just a few minutes. SV3 works with a wide range of hardware devices and our support team will help you get started.

  • All-in-one touch screen kiosk
  • Standard PC/Mac with keyboard and mouse
  • iPad
  • Microsoft Surface Pro