How it works:

SV3®GO is a cloud-based workflow engine that supports secure visitor, contractor and temporary employee access management.  It is a programmable service API that connects and integrates access control and multiple other software platforms to enable proper authorization and credentialing of visitors without needing to wait in a line or receive a badge.  SV3®GO includes a online system for vetting identities against watch-lists and supporting communication and delivery of credentials based on time and recognition.




Workflows are the key to implementing a holistic trusted access program.  The flexibility of SV3®GO allows for individualized workflows that accommodate each client’s specific requirements. The SV3®GO software allows visitors to directly to the turnstile, but an organization may not need or want every visitor to have the capability. Different enrollment and verification methods can be implemented and straight to turnstile access can be reserved or expanded as needed.




Building Intelligence works with clients to develop a workflow that maximizes efficiency and visitor experience while maintaining the highest level of security!





Benefits of SV3®GO:


  • Reduces congestion in the lobby; no check-in lines

  • Reduces hardware investments

  • Improves operations and staff utilization

  • Improves Visitor Experience 

  • Temporary employee access without enrolling cards

  • Eases scheduling process

  • Integrates disparate systems for holistic check-in process

  • Enhances security and watchlist verification