Vendors and visitors pose some of the greatest threats. Without a method for a risk-based approach to unknown visitors and vendors, many security directors simply have no real security strategy. It is no longer a question of “will there be an incident, it is a matter of when.” Without a logical prevention program and administration of access, there are widespread gaps in security. We leverage access to influence behavior through SV3 solutions. Vendors that must do business in the building must comply. Examples of risks/needs to be addressed include:

  • Property damages, risk of theft, Insurance Premiums on the Rise
  • Unwanted personnel, workplace violence issues
  • Know procedures and can formulate a plan
  • No guidelines or standards for securing the property or its people from vendors.
  • Vendors deliver dangerous materials (HAZMAT)
  • Vendors in many cases access the critical infrastructure of the building
  • Vendors are given logical access control to systems
  • Vendors are given physical access to critical systems and secure areas
  • Brand damage based on incident with visitor or vendor
  • Tenant upset regarding vendor waiting
  • Operations of security slow and guards disengaged