We continue to improve our SV3® Kiosk technology with new features to streamline and automate lobby check in processes. Recently, during a deployment, we were explaining some of the options for SV3 visitor. While demonstrating the capability of voice call announcing a visitor’s arrival, we got a big smile.

Her exact words were, “This is amazing, I love this, I cannot wait to give this to everyone.”  While she contemplated the concept for the host, the Building intelligence team explained how this would relieve the security officer of making hundreds of phone calls. SV3® as a solution strives to provide value for the whole audience.

The visitor could go to the kiosk, and if the host wanted a phone call, as an option in their profile, they can get a phone call. Neither the security officer nor the visitor, has to call in their arrival. 

Thought to ask for some help in naming this feature. We have been throwing out some good ones, “SV3HostCall”, “SV3Announce”, “SV3HolyCowYouAreHereAlready”, “SV3WhoInvitedYou?”, “SV3CallMe” Any good ideas are welcome.