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Deployed in Lobbies, Loading Docks, Service Entrances and Control Points. SV3 provides efficient, full featured, scalable solution for supporting the management of visitors. Self-Checkin Kiosk Available. Send QR codes to guests and ensure an amazing guest experience.

Complete Web-Based Software Solution

Innovative Technology Creates a Reliable Interface

SV3 is an award winning state-of-the-art software application that processes the entry of vehicles, visitors and vendors. SV3 extends access control beyond traditional electronic security and allows security officers, concierges, and building staff to manage lobbies, loading docks and other entry points. While fostering security, our technology provides several strategies that will generate an attractive return on investment (ROI).


"SV3 is an award winning state-of-the-art software application that processes the entry of vehicles, visitors and vendors."

Building Intelligence Inc. is committed to working through its channel partners. We offer great opportunities in an incredibly dynamic market for public and private cloud-based visitor and vendor management solutions. By becoming a partner you can expand your business opportunities in new lucrative markets. Plan, deploy, and manage Building Intelligence solutions. Find new ways for your clients to receive a return on their investments in security.

Allow tenants to pre-register guests online and store a photographic contact log. Our badging system streamlines the visitor check-in process and tracks visitor’s path throughout the facility. Integrate with Access Control Systems. Supports conference room scheduling. Run Global Watch Lists.

The loading dock and freight entrance are vulnerable entry points where raw materials and products are exposed to terrorist acts and theft. Any facility is susceptible to security threats when left unwatched and abandoned.

As an information management solution, we verify the submissions of vendors and check the veracity of fleet and driver information. Supports the exchange and approvals of Certificates of Insurance. Built for facility managers, contractors, service providers and security teams.

Our Cloud Connector provides a secure connection between SV3 and IOT. Used for connecting LPRs, DLRs, PACs. As a secure information program, it can support a method to provide a layer of cyber security to IP-based connections.

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Building Intelligence Inc. delivers intuitive software applications that improve operations, manages risk and establishes a demonstrable return on investment. We address the risks surrounding the daily business transactions of unknown people and vehicles to gain access to secure areas. We protect and support our clients with a balanced approach to user experience, cyber-security, operational risk and best business practices. With SV3, security facilitates operations.