SV3® protects buildings from the “unknown” by providing a complete enterprise solution for ensuring that the people and companies that are arriving at your facility are properly credentialed and are invited.

Cloud-based, No Server Costs, No Hassles

  • Integrate to turnstiles and access control
  • Watch Lists & Security Notifications
  • Invitation email with QR code
  • Notifications upon visitors arrival
  • Self-Check in Visitor Kiosk Available
  • Single Sign-On w/ ADFS, OAUTH2, SAML
  • Multi-factor authentication support
  • Bi-directional integration
  • Schedule and track visitors from anywhere, anytime
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Personnel records and visitor identities are easily shared

SV3Cloud is provisioned as a distributed technology worldwide and the team at Building Intelligence provides all necessary support and service via the Internet. This results in a decreased total cost of ownership.

  • All of your data is secured in a compliant data center in a private database based on your needs.
  • This is a great solution for providing services across various locations and provides tremendous value without any loss of performance or security.

Because your front desk is your first line of defense.

SV3’s strong verification system makes sure that the wrong people are kept out while the right people are let in quickly and efficiently. You choose what details of your visitors are stored and what to do with this data. SV3 also allows you to prioritize people and allow them easy access with pre-approved revisits and VIP entries. With round-the-clock support, digitally logs, multi-level authentication and an inclusive/user-friendly/accessible interface, SV3 is an incredibly practical solution for visitors and hosts alike.